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How to Calculate with Hierarchies in DAX?

Marco Russo discusses ratio-to-parent measures, which use DAX hierarchies, in this short video. You will see how to create such a calculation and how to use it in a Pivot Table (00:30). DAX does not have an internal mechanism for…  Watch now

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Hierarchies in DAX

Marco Russo shows you how to handle hierarchies in DAX in this 55-minute, demo-focused video. Although DAX does not have a specific syntax for working with categories, hierarchies can be defined in the data model in Power Pivot and in…  Watch now

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Many-to-many Relationships in DAX

Let Alberto Ferrari show you how to work with many-to-many relationships in DAX by using an example from a banking data model. Unfortunately, these types of relationship do not just work out-of-the-box—you need to apply correct DAX formulas to benefit…  Watch now

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Microsoft PowerPivot Excel 2013 in Action

Microsoft Excel 2013 and Business Intelligence: a marriage made in heaven. PowerPivot and Power View, the two most exciting BI tools in the Microsoft stack are now integrated into Excel 2013, providing the perfect environment to build self-service BI solutions.…  Watch now

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Modern Data Warehousing Strategy

The recent introduction of new technologies like PowerPivot, BI Semantic Model, columnstore indexes in SQL Server and the more general trend of advances in Self-Service BI and Big Data might be considered threats to the classic data warehouse ecosystem. In…  Watch now

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Many-to-Many Relationships in BISM Tabular

With the introduction of the Vertipaq engine and the DAX programming language, it seems that many-to-many relationships are no longer supported. As shown in this session, this is not true: many-to-many relationships can be leveraged in DAX too, even if…  Watch now