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  • Don’t miss the best course on Tabular modeling in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2012 by SQLBI experts. 0:12 – Who is the ideal attendee for the SSAS Tabular Workshop? 1:26 – What previous knowledge is required to attend the…  Watch now

  • I will be a speaker at PASS Summit 2010 (November 8-11, 2010 – Seattle, WA) and sessions have been published yesterday. I am currently writing the last chapter of the book about PowerPivot that will be available in September, so…  Read more

  • I recently discovered a few pitfalls on memory configuration of SQL Server Analysis Services 2005: the main problem is that the default configuration (written by setup) doesn’t consider the actual physical resources (mainly RAM) of your server and this can…  Read more

  • I recently had some problem with memory configuration of SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 and I’d like to share lessons I got. This post is a replacement for my previous post, that I striked to keep history of some bad…  Read more

  • PowerPivot for Excel is an Add-In which uses a local version of Analysis Services (SSAS) to process data and make calculation to respond to user queries made using Excel 2010. The SSAS engine is loaded in-memory in the process of…  Read more

  • You know, selecting calculated members in Excel is not an option. I talked about this issue more than three years ago for the first time: The upcoming new versions of SQL Server 2008 R2 and Office 2010…  Read more

  • Microsoft recently announced a new roadmap for its BI architecture. The next version of SQL Server, codenamed “Denali”, is going to introduce a new semantic model named BISM (Business Intelligence Semantic Model). Analysis Services will host it and it will…  Read more

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