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DateTool dimension: an alternative Time Intelligence implementation

Year-To-Date and Difference-Over-Previos-Year (or Year-Over-Year Growth) are among the most required features of any user. Some OLAP client (like ProClarity) offers features that try to solve this problem client-side, but I don’t like this approach given that you might have…  Read more

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Surrogate key issues with Analysis Services

Usually I don’t post something just to raise a question – but every rule has its exceptions. As you know, using surrogate keys is a best practice for a lot of reasons. Everything works fine with SSAS when you use surrogate keys with a plain star schema.  Read more

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Is Microsoft serious about BI?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that Microsoft should still improve in many ways. I thought about this many times before writing this post, because I want to be constructive and I hope that my words will not be misunderstood. My consideration  Read more

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SSAS: Model on the server vs. client-side MDX

In the last two years I worked on advanced modeling with Analysis Services. One result of this was the paper ” The many-to-many revolution ” I released in September 2006. Since then, I got a lot of feedback and I have been working on other evolutions  Read more

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Microsoft acquires ProClarity

The news is that Microsoft announced it has agreed to acquire ProClarity . Now a decent client for Analysis Services 2005 will be available from Microsoft, and I hope that a new commercial licensing scheme will allow to small companies to get a mixed  Read more

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AS2000 magics: working without repository

Today I discovered that you can have a working AS2000 database without repository data relative to structure internals to that database (cubes and dimensions). Just to explain how it works. You have a “Foodmart 2000” database Into the Olap Data directory,  Read more

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When marketing is evil

You know, I’d like to talk about technical issues more than anything else. But who works with BI and MS technologies know that MS offers you a good server (AS2000, that will be great with AS2005) but a poor client experience: if you put toghether Excel  Read more