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Gemini, metadata and the analogy game

Still some consideration about Gemini. In the last few days, I’ve seen some interesting posts and comments. Chris is still worried about the lose of control, and I agree with him that metadata are a key part of a complete BI solution, and today we are  Read more

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Gemini and SSAS explained

I got some more information about Gemini. As Mosha said , it is Analysis Services. As you know, SSAS has always been available also as a client tool, using the same engine of the server product to create local cubes. The Kilimanjaro release will add several  Read more

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Microsoft BI Conference 2008 – announcements on stage

We’ve seen it on stage. It’s Excel on the steroids. I’m talking about “big announcement” here at Microsoft Business Intelligence Conference. The several announcements are: · Madison: the announcement of integration between SQL Server and DATAllegro, release  Read more

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DefaultMember, subcubes and non-aggregatable attributes

Today I discovered that DefaultMember might result in a member other thant the default dimension member. Reading documentation , I got the idea that DefaultMember would be always the default member defined for a dimension into a cube. In reality, the  Read more

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DateTool dimension improvement

I fixed an issue of the DateTool dimension I presented in a previous post . The DateTool was unusable on OWC 11, which is the component used by BI Dev Studio and SQL Server Management Studio to browse a cube. I only added two statements in MDX Script  Read more

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DateTool dimension: an alternative Time Intelligence implementation

Year-To-Date and Difference-Over-Previos-Year (or Year-Over-Year Growth) are among the most required features of any user. Some OLAP client (like ProClarity) offers features that try to solve this problem client-side, but I don’t like this approach given that you might have…  Read more

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Surrogate key issues with Analysis Services

Usually I don’t post something just to raise a question – but every rule has its exceptions. As you know, using surrogate keys is a best practice for a lot of reasons. Everything works fine with SSAS when you use surrogate keys with a plain star schema.  Read more

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Is Microsoft serious about BI?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that Microsoft should still improve in many ways. I thought about this many times before writing this post, because I want to be constructive and I hope that my words will not be misunderstood. My consideration  Read more