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When you use CALCULATE in DAX you are creating a new filter context for the calculation, based on the existing one. There are a few functions that are used to clear or preserve a column filter. These functions are: ALL – it can be used with one or more  Read more

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BISM Introduction

BISM (BI Semantic Model) is the new engine that will be available in Analysis Services “Denali”. Explore the capabilities of this new model, that will be an alternative to UDM in Analysis Services and will use the new Vertipaq engine…  Watch now

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Do more with less: the missing feature in Excel Services

A little background: in these days I’m preparing sessions for some upcoming conferences in Italy (despite the English titles, most of the sessions will be in Italian: Microsoft SharePoint & Office Conference 2010 next week and Microsoft SQL Server  Read more

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How to relate tables in DAX without using relationships

UPDATE 2017-07-12: please note this article was written in 2010, there are now better ways to obtain the same result. Please read these articles: Physical and Virtual Relationships in DAX and Propagate filters using TREATAS in DAX PowerPivot supports  Read more

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Avoiding calculated column in DAX

A calculated column is a DAX expression which is evaluated when the PowerPivot workbook is updated. It is very useful, but there are cases where you want to delay calculation at query time. For example: You want to make part of the calculation depending  Read more

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Microsoft doesn’t play the (traditional) BI client game

I know, the title is provocative. It’s intentional. I’d like to get feedback about my opinion. My point is simple (but not so short!). PowerPivot (which, you know, I like) and self-service BI are the new buzzwords for BI in Redmond. However, there are  Read more

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How CALCULATE works in DAX

The CALCULATE function in DAX is the magic key for many calculations we can do in DAX. However, it is not pretty intuitive how it works and I spent a lot of time trying to understand how it can be used. First of all, this is the syntax. CALCULATE( <expression>,  Read more

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SQLBI experience at PASS 2009

I’ve been so busy in the last weeks that I wasn’t able to blog about PASS Summit 2009, so here’s a short recap. I and Alberto presented the SQLBI Methodology in a 75 minutes slot. The room was full, there were about 200 people and no sits available. We  Read more