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Creating a copy of a BISM Tabular project

Using Visual Studio to author SSAS Multidimensional projects, I was used to copy the project, deploy it with another name and then proceed with updates, until I was satisfied with the final result. Then, working with the two projects side-by-side I could  Read more

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Separate date and time in #powerpivot (and #bism tabular)

In PowerPivot you can import data from several sources and it is often the case that you import a DateTime column from a database. From an analytical point of view, you usually make analysis over dates (day/month/year/quarter/week) and over time (hour/minute)  Read more

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Importing tables from #BISM Tabular model in #PowerPivot

A BISM Tabular model can be browsed in Excel by using just the standard PivotTable like it was a regular Analysis Services cube (that now we call a Multidimensional model). If you are used to PowerPivot, this seems a limitation, because you cannot interact  Read more

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Parent-child special calculations in #BISM #Tabular #Denali

Alberto Ferrari published an interesting blog post regarding how to write particular calculations over a parent-child hierarchy in PowerPivot Denali (and in BISM Tabular, of course). One case is the Sum of Leaves (summing only the leaves of a parent-child  Read more

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Thinking in DAX (#powerpivot and #bism)

Last week Alberto published an interesting post about Counting Products in the Current Status with PowerPivot . Starting from a question raised from a reader, Alberto described how to solve a common issue (let me know the “current status” of each item  Read more

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Slowly Changing Dimensions handling in PowerPivot (and BISM?)

During the PowerPivot Workshop in London we received many interesting questions and Alberto had the inspiration to write this nice post about Slowly Changing Dimensions handling in PowerPivot. It is interesting the consideration about SCD Type I attributes  Read more