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PowerPivot: improve the performances by sorting tables

While it is well know that in UDM data should be loaded sorted, to get better file compression and map structures. The world of PowerPivot (and BISM) is yet not explored. Working with a 50 millions rows table, I tested various scenarios to check if sorting  Read more

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SQL Pass meeting in Zurich after #powerpivot workshop #ppws

These are the last days to register for the PowerPivot Workshop in Zurich on April 4-5, 2011. If you are willing to attend, hurry up! Moreover, on Thursday evening there will be also a Swiss PASS Chapter meeting in Zurich and Alberto Ferrari will present  Read more

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User Group meeting in Copenhagen for #powerpivot

The next Monday, March 21st, I will join a special event organized by the Danish SQL Server User Group , and the Swedish SQL Server User Group . The meeting will start at 18:00 at the Radisson Royal Blu in Copenhagen, and this is the topic  Read more

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PowerPivot and the Slowly Changing Dimensions

Slowly changing dimensions are very common in the data warehouses and, basically, they store many versions of the same entity whenever a change happens in the columns for which history needs to be maintained. For example, the AdventureWorks data warehouse  Read more

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PowerPivot Workshop – last days to register

There is less than one week (and only a few seats) available to register to the first PowerPivot Workshop that will be held in the Netherlands on December 1-2, 2010. I and Alberto spent the last days to refine the last slides and demo. Despite the workshop  Read more