New article: Differences between GROUPBY and SUMMARIZE
Both GROUPBY and SUMMARIZE are useful functions to group by columns. However, they differ in both performance and functionalities. Knowing the details lets developers choose the right function for their specific scenario.
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We received many requests for a Mastering DAX class on West Coast, and we have been able to add a date for 2023 in the Bay Area: We also have classes in Chicago and Atlanta in 2023, don't wait to get your seat!
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Do you want to know the magician’s tricks in DAX Optimizer? Read this blog post!
If you are already on the waitlist, watch out for your inbox: your invite might arrive this week... or in the next few weeks, depending on your position!
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Latest news
• XMLA Write support for Direct Lake datasets
Direct Lake is the big news in Fabric for Tabular models. We will write articles on these topics once the product is stable and we know enough. In the meantime, Microsoft enabled creation of datasets based on Direct Lake using XMLA endpoints.
Aug 9, 2023 · Microsoft
• Cross database query folding for SQL Server (in M)
How to enable the query folding on multiple SQL Server sources in Power Query. It could make a difference when you join tables from different databases!
Aug 6, 2023 · Chris Webb
• BI Developer or Analytics Engineer?
It is not directly related to Power BI or Analysis Services, but it is a good read if you wonder what these terms actually mean - or should!
Aug 6, 2023 · Vincent Rainardi

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Comparing different school terms in Power BI
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The Making of Optimizing DAX Second Edition - Unplugged #53
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