New article: Introducing window functions in DAX
This article introduces the syntax and the basics of the new window functions in DAX.


We published new content on SQLBI+ (more info on the blog post announcement):
Whitepaper: Windows Functions in DAX

Learn how to use the new DAX window functions (INDEX, OFFSET, and WINDOW) to manipulate tables by sorting and partitioning data.

Introducing Time Intelligence DAX Functions

This 1-hour session shows how to use the standard DAX time intelligence functions with and without a Date table in your data model.

Understanding Time Intelligence with DAX

This 2-hour session provides the best practices to implement time intelligence calculations using built-in DAX functions and custom calculations for more complex and non-standard requirements.

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• Export Power BI to Excel with connected tables
The important point is that you can export up to 500,000 rows to Excel. The technical detail is that there is a connected table to do that. Just like DAX Studio, now in the Power BI Service by Microsoft!
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• Power BI Report Server January 2023 update
This is a good month for those working with Power BI on-premises: the feature gap with the cloud version is reduced thanks to the new release, which also includes DAX window functions!
Jan 25, 2023 · Microsoft


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