New article: Customizing date and time intelligence templates in Bravo for Power BI
Review the DAX news of 2022 and what to expect for 2023:
  • New DAX functions
  • DAX Studio 3
  • Bravo for Power BI
  • Contoso Data Generator
  • DaxTemplate
  • SQLBI+
And much more is coming...
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Latest news
• Introducing DAX window functions - part 2
Read the second article about the new DAX functions introduced at the end of 2022, written by one of the lead engineers of the DAX language.
Dec 23, 2022 · Jeffrey Wang
• Power BI DirectQuery mode and degenerate dimensions
The star schema is good for VertiPaq, but it is even more important in DirectQuery to avoid limitations and bottlenecks. Learn why degenerate dimensions could be bad in DirectQuery.
Dec 23, 2022 · Chris Webb
• Learn Power BI with sample datasets: Part 1 - Contoso Data Generator
Time to toot our own horn - Contoso Data Generator can make life easier by creating a sample dataset to test your model and calculations. A great explanation about how to use it and why you should do that!
Dec 20, 2022 · Kurt Buhler
• Searching for a better Power BI Gen2 capacity analogy
Can agriculture be used to explain how Power BI Gen2 capacity works? Yes, it can, and it makes sense!
Dec 24, 2022 · David Eldersveld
• Enhancing Power BI apps with emoji
Simple and practical techniques to use emoji in Power BI reports: titles, descriptions, and more!
Dec 21, 2022 · Ed Hansberry
• Excel small multiples and sparklines fun
The latest features introduced in Excel allow you to compose great reports using Excel. Not just numbers, but also sparklines obtained from external services using Excel formulas. Long live Excel!
Dec 19, 2022 · Chris Webb


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