New article: Introducing horizontal fusion in DAX
Horizontal fusion is a new optimization technique available in DAX to reduce the number of storage engine queries. In this article, we introduce this optimization with a few examples.
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The first version of Bravo for Power BI is now generally available!
Bravo is your free and open-source trusted mate that helps you create a Power BI model by using a simple user interface.
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Latest news
• Tabular Editor 2.17.2
The latest update of the free Tabular Editor version includes bug fixes and better support for C# scripts and macros. While Tabular Editor 3 is a commercial version that receives more frequent updates, it is reassuring to see that Tabular Editor 2 continues to be updated!
Oct 28, 2022 · Daniel Otykier
• Speed up Power BI dataset refresh performance
You can control the "Parallel loading of tables" setting in a Power BI file to control the parallelism of the refresh. The setting is honored only on Premium capacity, including Premium Per User licenses.
Oct 31, 2022 · Chris Webb
• On DAX's difficulty and CALCULATE: a rant
A balanced and factual analysis of the challenges in learning DAX. We just list the first three section titles, it should be enough to intrigue you: Whence DAX's difficulty? DAX is objectively complex. DAX is subjectively difficult, and that is our fault.
Nov 3, 2022 · Greg Baldini
• Refresh individual tables in Power Pivot for Excel using VBA
We often forget that Excel has VBA, which can access the objects of the Excel Data Model (formerly known as PowerPivot for Excel). Through VBA, you can refresh a single table in the model, implementing a what-if analysis that affects one of the model tables.
Nov 2, 2022 · Chris Webb


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