New article: Why Power BI totals might seem inaccurate
A common question is why Power BI totals are inaccurate because they do not display the sum of individual rows. In this article, we explain the reason why those totals are correct.
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The ability to rank things is a very common requirement. Finding the best customers, computing the ranking position of products, or detecting the countries with the best sales volumes are among the questions most frequently asked by management.
This pattern describes both static and dynamic ranking techniques.
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Latest news
• Power BI October 2022 updates
We can finally edit DAX code in the model view. And relationships have a property pane instead of a dialog box. Small steps in the right direction, which are significant after not seeing many developments for years. PBIX download from the service is possible in more scenarios. Other ameliorations in reporting, connectivity, and administration. Plus, a feature that deserves its own paragraph...
Oct 20, 2022 · Microsoft
• Quick measure suggestions (aka natural language to DAX)
More than one year ago, Microsoft announced new features using "natural language to build DAX calculations instead of writing code". The first public preview (October 2022 release) is much less ambitious and more realistic: what it really is, is a feature that writes DAX code you must review because there is no guarantee it matches what you want. Thus, you still need to know DAX. It is a realistic and fair expectation: AI is developing greatly, but we are far from being able to solve the problem of missing/incomplete requirements.
Oct 5, 2022 · Microsoft
• Converting a Power BI Dataset .bim to a .pbix with pbi-tools
Here is the state-of-the-art approach to creating a PBIX file programmatically. We are in fully unsupported territory, but it does work. And sooner or later, Microsoft will also support this scenario.
Oct 18, 2022 · Kurt Buhler
• Optimizing MEDIAN measure in DAX
If you need to use MEDIAN/MEDIANX for a large number of items, you know that performance is far from great. Depending on your data distribution, you can write more DAX to get much better performance.
Oct 19, 2022 · Ben Fedit
• Power BI Dashboard checklist
This checklist for a Power BI Dashboard is one of the many already available - dataset, dataflow, report, Power BI app - to make sure you produce good quality Power BI artifacts.
Oct 18, 2022 · Kurt Buhler
• Introducing cross-tenant Power BI dataset sharing
You can share a Power BI dataset outside of your organization. Great, powerful, dangerous! Administrators can control who can use the feature, but the more interesting part is the new page, "From external orgs" that lists all the content shared by external tenants (including reports and dashboards).
Oct 12, 2022 · Microsoft


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