New article: Using cross-highlight with order and delivery dates in Power BI
This article describes how to enable the cross-highlight in Power BI charts using different dates for the same event, such as Order Date and Delivery Date.
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The week-related calculations pattern describes how to compute calculations such as year-to-date, same period last year, and percentage growth using a week granularity.
This pattern does not rely on DAX built-in time intelligence functions. All the measures refer to the fiscal calendar because the nature of a calendar based on weeks is not compatible with the definition of months in a regular Gregorian calendar.
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Some would say that Power BI does not have the visualization quality of other tools. It takes days or weeks to compile a detailed analysis of what is missing to compete in the realm of data visualization. This piece provides clear examples and descriptions.
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• Deployment History feature for Power BI deployment pipelines
Power BI deployment pipelines now offer a log to track the history of deployments. It's possible to add notes. Correct, this feature is new.
Oct 5, 2022 · Microsoft
• DataOps principle: Analytics is Manufacturing
Creating a set of tests for your Tabular models and DAX measures is an important part of the DataOps principles. While a specific tool does not yet exist, it is already possible to create a decent automated system.
Oct 4, 2022 · John Kerski


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