New article: Using KEEPFILTERS in DAX
This article explains how to use KEEPFILTERS to intersect instead of override an existing filter context in DAX. Using KEEPFILTERS simplifies the code and improves performance.
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Create your own Contoso star schema database
The Contoso Data Generator is an open-source, free tool to generate sample Contoso databases on SQL Server based on a star schema. The Contoso database is used in all SQLBI demos.
You can customize the size and data distribution of the database generated, or you can just use the existing predefined databases. Read more


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• Public preview of datamart in Power BI
Unless you live in a bubble, you probably already know that a Power BI datamart (one word, the MS product) is a self-service SQL Server database available in the Power BI Premium service. You should be aware that it is a preview feature; it is far from being production-ready. We can argue that "datamart" is not the right name for a database that can be used also as a data mart (two words, the technology), but marketing wanted their voice heard.
May 24, 2022 · Microsoft
• Power BI integration for PowerPoint
You can integrate a Power BI report into a PowerPoint presentation as a live object and not just as a static bitmap.
May 24, 2022 · Microsoft
• Metrics is the new name of Power BI Goals
The new name of the Power BI Goals feature is "metrics". Microsoft created a new enterprise product (Viva Goals) and needed to avoid any confusion. Power BI metrics will be integrated into Viva Goals later in the year.
May 24, 2022 · Microsoft
• Fix visuals or replace measures in Power BI reports using pbi-tools
Renaming a measure in a published dataset breaks existing reports based on that model. Editing and fixing the reports in Power BI is not that easy. Doing the same job with pbi-tools is much easier and efficient.
May 10, 2022 · Kurt Buhler
• Using Power BI field parameters to translate Data and Values
Using the new Fields Parameters feature in Power BI, there is an additional way to create multi-language reports.
Jun 1, 2022 · Gerhard Brueckl
• SQL Server 2022 Analysis Services CTP 2.0
The first public preview of SQL Server Analysis Services is interesting for two reasons. First, it brings all the new features and improvements of Tabular and DAX into the on-premises version. Second, it enables the composite models with Analysis Services on-premises (you need Power BI Desktop June 2022).
May 24, 2022 · Microsoft


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Fields parameters in Power BI
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