When you use a measure as a filter in a Power BI visual, the DAX code generated might show a different behavior depending on whether the measure is part of the values shown in the visual or not. In this article, we perform a deep analysis of the queries generated by Power BI with an example.
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Calculations reporting values at the start or the end of a time period are quite the challenge for any BI developer, and DAX is no exception. These measures are not hard to compute; the complicated part is understanding the desired behavior precisely. These calculations do not work by aggregating values throughout the entire period, as you would typically do for sales amounts. Instead, the calculations should return the value at the beginning or the end of a selected time period. These calculations are also known as semi-additive calculations.
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Microsoft announced the public preview of the automatic aggregations for DirectQuery in Power BI Premium. While this feature will not fix bad data models and bad DAX code, it can be useful to attract users who cannot or do not want to import data in memory. By calling it cache, everybody is happy.
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We don't like having to mention data gateway updates every month. But there is no automatic update yet. So... update your gateway!
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Thanks to the integration between Azure Log Analytics and Power BI, you can retrieve the execution time of reports consumed by users and isolate the visual generating a slow query in production. Of course, you can perform the analysis using Power Query and Power BI!
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Power Query might send too many queries to the data source when you are editing the transformation. This article describes how this could be bad with Synapse. It shows an optimization approach reducing the risk of hitting the maximum number of concurrent open connections.
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• Switch statement vs. switch expression in M
Did you know that you can get different data types as a result depending on the syntax used for "switch" in Power Query / M? Ben Gribaudo consistently publishes content about M, the language of Power Query. This is just one of the many gems you can find on his blog.
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