ALLEXCEPT is a handy DAX function to retrieve all the columns of a table except for some. When used as a CALCULATE modifier, its behavior is less intuitive and might result in inaccurate measures. In this article, we elaborate on the most common mistake when using ALLEXCEPT in CALCULATE.
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After months of recording and post-production work, we are glad to announce the release of a new SQLBI video course: Mastering Tabular.
This short title requires a longer explanation, but we can simplify the course description with one sentence: Mastering Tabular is what you need to create an enterprise-level solution based on Power BI or Analysis Services.

The article explains why we created this course for Power BI authors and Analysis Services developers.
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• How query folding and the new Power BI dataflows connector can help dataset refresh performance
You can improve the performance of datasets reading data from dataflows by using the enhanced computing engine. For Power BI Premium only.
Aug 22, 2021 · Chris Webb
• How defining too many measures in a live connection report can affect Power BI query performance
Creating measures in a model with a live connection is useful, until you get to a number of measures that will slow down all the queries. However, if you store that same number of measures inside the model you will not face a performance issue. Use the right balance!
Aug 15, 2021 · Chris Webb
• Script to generate trending measures with Tabular Editor
This article describes how to write scripts in Tabular Editor, that apply specific transformations to automatically generated measures. It could be an alternative to calculation groups when they are not easy to access for end users.
Aug 16, 2021 · Sergio Murru