We rewrote two articles describing the most frequent causes of the error, “A circular dependency was detected” in Power BI and Analysis Services when you write DAX expressions. The first article shows common workarounds, whereas the second article explains what generates this error and how to avoid the issue in your models.

NEW POST is a new website by SQLBI where you can write and run DAX queries over a sample Contoso database. The goal of is purely educational: if you are learning DAX or are merely curious to test a new DAX syntax, you now have a readily-available playground to do that. It does not require you to install any software. It does not even require a computer. If you suddenly feel the urge to test a new DAX idea, you can also use your mobile phone to play with!
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Understanding memory used by Power BI
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Optimizing nested iterators in DAX
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Latest news
• Power BI February 2021 update
The first update of Power BI Desktop in 2021 brings many improvements to the "new composite models" feature officially named "DirectQuery for PBI datasets and Azure Analysis Services". The new model view update introduced a way to display relationships that is less readable in complex models; luckily, the feature is in preview. You can share your feedback to Microsoft so they can fix it before the final release. A new search bar and an updated field list are two important new features in this release. Read the blog post for a complete list.
Feb 23, 2021 · Microsoft
• Public preview of Object-Level Security in Power BI
The Object-Level Security is a feature available in Analysis Services that is now supported in Power BI. If you hide the "Cost" column from a group of users, they cannot access the Margin measure based on Cost. This feature is very useful in Enterprise environments, but it cannot be edited in Power BI Desktop. You need Tabular Editor. Or SSDT, which cannot edit models created in Power BI. Yes, we should talk about enterprise development tools to clarify what is happening in that space. For now, just start learning Tabular Editor.
Feb 26, 2021 · Microsoft
• Implementing data (as well as metadata) translations in Power BI
Implementing Power BI reports in multiple languages has never been easy. The experience being far from ideal, it could be improved by relying on the new composite models – which Chris calls "DirectQuery on Live connections". Clearly, nobody is using the official name, not even Microsoft people!
Feb 21, 2021 · Chris Webb
• On-premises data gateway February 2021 update
Before upgrading, make sure the operating system of your gateway supports the .NET 4.8 Framework. We warned you months in advance, didn't we? Well, it's never too late.
Feb 24, 2021 · Microsoft
• .NET Core support for Analysis Services client libraries is generally available
This is really good news, even though it does not impact many of you in the short term. Microsoft has officially released the Analysis Services client libraries for .NET Core. Until now, you had to run Windows to connect to Analysis Services as a client, unless you wanted to create the full communication stack for XMLA endpoints from scratch – and nobody wants to do that. We took advantage of this client library by implementing, but the long-term impact of this set of libraries will likely be much larger than that.
Feb 16, 2021 · Microsoft
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