This article explains how to control the result provided by a formula in a DAX measure when the measure is being used in a report with granularity below the granularity supported by the formula.
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This article describes how to control format strings in calculation groups. Before starting, we suggest you read the previous articles in this series.
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Latest news
• Power BI Service and Mobile February and March 2020 feature summary
Microsoft released several updates to the Power BI service and mobile app over the last two months. This article is a recap of these updates and also points to a document with a description of the upcoming features from April through September 2020. If you like spoilers, you're welcome.
Apr 5,2020 · Microsoft
• Creating a Power BI report from the audit logs stored in the Azure Blob storage
Gilbert Quevauvilliers describes how to import the Power BI audit logs into a Power BI report, so you can analyze the usage of Power BI by using Power BI. Enter into the era of self-referential reports.
• Understanding the “The key didn’t match any rows in the table” error in Power Query in Power BI or Excel
Chris Webb describes how to manage a Power Query error that is often related to a missing or renamed object in the data source. This is the article you hope to find easily when you look for it. We hope this link to the article helps it pop up first in search results!
Apr 6,2020 · Chris Webb
• Learn Tabular Editor from Daniel Otykier's free videos
Daniel Otykier recorded 4 videos describing all the features of Tabular Editor: Introduction, Scripting, Best Practice Analyzer, and Deploy using DevOps. If you work with Analysis Services or Power BI Premium, these videos are mandatory. If you work with Power BI Desktop, you have time to learn while you wait for Power BI Desktop to be compatible with Tabular Editor — and that's just a few weeks away.
Apr 7,2020 · Daniel Otykier
• Tabular Editor 2.9.7
If you have an older version of Tabular Editor, remember to keep it updated. To be ready to manage calculation groups on Power BI Desktop, enable the "Allow unsupported Power BI features (experimental)" setting. A future version of Power BI Desktop will allow that, in the meantime do not apply changes to a Power BI model — just play with it!
Apr 2,2020 · Daniel Otykier
• SQL Server Management Studio 18.5
There is a new release of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and you should keep it updated even if you only use it here and there to administer your Analysis Services or Power BI Premium datasets. Yes, it supports XMLA endpoint and it also includes the latest updates to the Profiler for Analysis Services.
Apr 7,2020 · Microsoft
• Use cases of the Power BI XMLA endpoints
If you still have doubts about the importance of XMLA endpoints, this short and direct article by Just Blindbæk clarifies what you need to know about it. Common use cases are: migration from Analysis Services, promotion of a self-service data model, access to additional modeling capabilities, use of additional tools. The article also lists the limitations in the preview.
• Analyzing dataset refresh in Power BI Premium using SQL Server Profiler
Talking about XMLA endpoints, SQL Server Profiler is one of the tools that you can use with Power BI Premium thanks to that feature. If you've never used Analysis Services before, you need SQL Server Management Studio. Which includes the SQL Server Profiler described in this article. Which can profile Power BI Premium. When the name says it all, right?
Mar 30,2020 · Chris Webb

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