This article describes how to compute visual totals accurately, in case a measure does not provide the right result at the total level but works correctly in other rows of the report.
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Calculation Groups in the Mastering DAX video course

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We are taking the world events very seriously at SQLBI. We are still rescheduling courses as required, and in the meantime we have made sure to keep supporting our students on their learning path.
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We have released a new module about calculation groups in the Mastering DAX video course. All current students of the video course have been given access to this new section. Calculation groups will soon be available in Power BI Desktop too (see BI News section). More details in the announcement blog post.

Mastering DAX Video Course


Latest news
• Calculation Groups in Power BI Desktop coming soon
This is the spoiler of the year and it clearly deserves the first position in our BI News section. While presenting XMLA endpoint for Power BI Premium (see next news), Christian Wade announced that next summer, Power BI Desktop will offer more integration with external tools such as DAX Studio and Tabular Editor. As a consequence, Calculation Groups will be available in edit mode in Power BI Desktop. And there is more! Watch the entire Tabular Editor demo from timestamp 00:34 to 00:47. You can bet we will be covering this left, right and center once it is available.
Mar 24,2020 · Christian Wade
• Read/write XMLA endpoints in Power BI Premium public preview
After months (or years?) of waiting, the read/write XMLA endpoints feature for Power BI Premium is finally in public preview. This makes it possible to use a Power BI Premium dataset like a database on Azure Analysis Services, offering full access to external tools, API, and PowerShell cmdlets.
Mar 26,2020 · Microsoft
• Making one Power BI measure appear in multiple folders
A measure can appear in multiple folders. No, we didn't know until Chris Webb wrote this blog post showing us how to do that. Like any powerful feature, it should be used carefully!
Mar 16,2020 · Chris Webb
• On-premises data gateway March 2020 update
The latest gateway update does not introduce new features, it simply aligns with the Power BI Desktop March update. Yes, your Power BI Desktop updates automatically, your gateway does not. You should keep your gateway updated.
Mar 16,2020 · Microsoft
• Power BI Paginated Reports in a Day: free online course
Microsoft published a free online course about paginated reports held by Peter Myers and Chris Finlan. This is very good quality, technical content - no marketing whatsoever.
Mar 18,2020 · Microsoft
• Smart Filter Pro 2.1.4 release
The latest version of Smart Filter Pro introduced copy & paste, also available in Filter mode. This makes it possible to copy a list of product codes from a list in Excel and paste it into the slicer with very good performance. Other minor improvements are described in the release notes.
Mar 25,2020 · OKViz
• Power BI exact distinct count and aggregations
Richard Tkachuk clearly explains how to optimize exact distinct count calculations in DirectQuery by using Power BI aggregations. Remember, many people use aggregations with DirectQuery instead of importing data without a good reason - which means billions of rows in the fact table. Billions, not millions.
Mar 18,2020 · Richard Tkachuk
• Power BI, HTTP/2, IE 11 and older versions of Windows
If this title sounds interesting to you, we are really sorry for you and understand your frustration. In this blog post, Chris Webb helps you improve Power BI performance by enabling HTTP/2 on legacy operating systems.
Mar 23,2020 · Chris Webb
• General availability of Query Diagnostics in Power BI
Microsoft announced the general availability of Query Diagnostics for Power Query in Power BI. This is an excellent tool for troubleshooting issues with Power Query.
Mar 24,2020 · Microsoft
• Revamped documentation page for Analysis Services
Microsoft improved the documentation for Analysis Services, which is now integrated with Power BI Premium. Same core engine, different connection, same tools, same object model. It was a logical next step.
Mar 30,2020 · Microsoft

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