COALESCE is a DAX function introduced in March 2020. This article describes the purpose of COALESCE and how to simplify DAX expressions by removing verbose conditions, and yet obtain the same result.
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Courses update
We are taking the world events very seriously at SQLBI and working to ensure a quality experience for our students. We have already rescheduled several courses and we will continue to do so if required, also waiving any cancellation fee for students who had asked for a refund. We are very touched by the support we have received and look forward to further cooperate with our students to keep resolving things the best way we can!

Introducing DAX Video Course Introduction to Data Modeling Video Course


Latest news
• Power BI Desktop March 2020 update
The March 2020 update comes with several new features: new action types for buttons, multi-column sort for tables, dual axis for line charts, and filter pane search. The new ribbon is now active by default. But the enhanced dataset metadata preview feature is crucial, enabling the new features we will see in the coming months.
Mar 11,2020 · Microsoft
• Power BI drill through is now easier to find
Marc Lelijveld explains how the new buttons in the latest Power BI Desktop update can improve the discoverability of the drill through feature. Simple and effective.
Mar 12,2020 · Marc Lelijveld
• Connecting SQL Server Profiler To Power BI Premium
Chris Webb explains how to get the right XMLA Endpoints to connect SQL Server Profiler (or DAX Studio) to Power BI Premium. It is useful to analyze complex performance and scalability issues.
Mar 2,2020 · Chris Webb
• Improved search experience in the Power BI service
Microsoft improved the search experience in the Power BI service, allowing users to search for reports, dashboards, apps, and workspaces from any page in the product. You are now free to randomly put your reports in any workspace, searching for them will be easier. Just kidding!
Mar 11,2020 · Microsoft
• Improved resource governance for Azure Analysis Services
Two properties to control the memory consumed by Azure Analysis Services (QueryMemoryLimit and DbpropMsmdRequestMemoryLimit) are now also being applied to MDX queries. You can finally stop your Excel users from slowing down your server.
Mar 9,2020 · Microsoft
• Visualizing Power BI Premium and Azure Analysis Services query parallelism
It is complex to understand what happens when multiple users query an Analysis Services model. Chris Webb shows this in a Power BI report that can help you visualize this information. Useful tool to investigate in scalability issues.
Mar 9,2020 · Chris Webb
• Tabular Editor 2.9.5
There were several updates in the last few releases of Tabular Editor - mainly bug fixes. New features will appear in a new major release later this year. In the meantime, keep the tool updated.
Mar 12,2020 · Daniel Otykier

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