This article describes how to implement currency conversion for reporting purposes in Power BI.
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Latest news
• Power BI Desktop February 2020 update
The biggest news of the February 2020 release is the support of incremental refresh for Power BI Pro! The feature was only available to Premium customers before. Microsoft implemented one of the more voted users requests. Well done.
Feb 18,2020 · Microsoft
• Implementing a dynamic axis in Power BI
Phil Seamark explains a technique to change the axis of a chart dynamically in Power BI - switching between days, weeks, years at the click of a button in a published report. This flexibility somewhat impacts performance, but on simple data models it works well.
Feb 17,2020 · Phil Seamark
• Power BI query performance & query diagnostics
Paul Turley describes the Query Diagnostics feature of Power Query with the support of a video. If you want to investigate on performance or data quality issues when refreshing your data, this recent Power BI feature is gold.
Feb 16,2020 · Paul Turley
• Promote your reports, dashboards, and apps on Power BI home
The home page of Power BI can be customized for you to promote dashboards and reports within your organization. Read about how to enable this feature and manage permissions.
Feb 26,2020 · Microsoft
• Power BI: How to make the Gantt chart show events in progress
Darren Gosbell shows us how to hack a measure in order to convince a Gantt chart in Power BI to filter the events included within a certain range of dates. Very good educational content to learn how Power BI visuals work - even if you do not use Gantt charts very often.
Feb 25,2020 · Darren Gosbell
• Between Tableau and Power BI
There are many articles comparing Power BI and Tableau from a strategic or ecosystem perspective. But comparisons made by people who used both tools long enough to be proficient in both are few and far between. Munazzah Naeem is one of those rare people. The conclusions could be tough for fans of both tools!
Feb 15,2020 · Munazzah Naeem
• Faster Power BI and SSAS development with automatic data subsets
Greg Low shows us a good technique - based on SQL Server Views - to sample data to load a reduced dataset when developing a Power BI or Analysis Services data model. Data distribution is important for compression, performance, and data validation.
Feb 28,2020 · Greg Low

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