This article describes the differences between eager evaluation and strict evaluation in DAX, empowering you to choose the best evaluation type for your data models.
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This article describes how you can create a comparison with the previous time period in a visualization, regardless of whether the time periods are consecutive or not.
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Latest news
• Tabular Editor 2.9 improves support to calculation groups
The latest release of Tabular Editor has a better support to create and edit calculation items in calculation groups. You can reorder calculation items using drag & drop and you can use copy & paste like any other object. Waiting for calculation groups on Power BI Desktop, you can practice with Analysis Services now.
Dec 7,2019 · Daniel Otykier
• Updating tabular models for Ordinal property in calculation groups
If you already used calculation groups with previous versions of Tabular Editor, Marco Russo describes how to update the structure of your Tabular model in order to properly use the Ordinal attribute.
Dec 8,2019 · Marco Russo
• Extending visuals with report page tooltips
Microsoft published a set of suggestions and recommendations to improve Power BI reports using page tooltips. Using them to document your report is a very good idea.
Nov 24,2019 · Microsoft
• Report page drillthrough
Similarly to the previous article, in this second document Microsoft provides guidelines to report authors when creating report page drillthrough. If you did not follow the evolution of these features over the years, this is a good starting point to refresh your knowledge.
Nov 28,2019 · Microsoft
• Learn how Power BI and accessibility work together
Microsoft has five new articles covering accessibility topics for Power BI, which is quickly improving in this area. This blog post by Tessa Hurr provides commented links to the existing documents.
Nov 25,2019 · Tessa Hurr
• Testing performance of Power BI Reports in the browser
This two-part blog post by Chris Webb describes the many possible reasons why a Power BI report could be slow. Sometime it is not your DAX, it could be your hardware, or your browser, or DirectQuery, or the workload, or many other things. Suggested reading, don't miss the second part.
Dec 2,2019 · Chris Webb
• On-premises data gateway November 2019 update
The new release of the on-premises data gateway is aligned to the November 2019 version of the mashup engine in Power BI. While these updates are very suggested, keep an eye to the .NET Framework 4.8 requirement that will be present from February 2020 version – this requirement will end the support of certain operating systems.
Nov 25,2019 · Microsoft