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This article shows how to add an additional "other" row to the selection obtained using the Top N filter in a Power BI report.
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• Last Data Modeling for Power BI in 2019:

  San Francisco, US – Oct 30-Nov 1

  Amsterdam, NL – Nov 26-28

• Last Mastering DAX classes in North America this year:

  Seattle, US – Nov 12-14

  Toronto, CA – Nov 12-14

New dates coming for 2020. See all courses »


Latest news on BI
• Power BI Desktop October 2019 update
This new release has many improvements and new features for Q&A, PowerApp integration, DirectQuery, and Power Query. But the star this month is Q&A, which now supports RLS in Analysis Services, includes a new visual, improves the user experience and introduces tooling to review the questions that Q&A don't understand to improve the model and get a better answer. Read more »
• Power BI and case sensitivity
Chris Webb explains the differences between M and DAX in managing case sensitivity. TLDR: M is case sensitive, DAX is not case sensitive in Power BI, DAX could be case sensitive in certain configurations of Analysis Services Tabular. Read more »
• Importing model.json to create a new dataflow
Matthew Roche presents how to create a new dataflow "copying" an existing one from another workspace. So the "model" should not be confused with a dataset, this "model" is the definition of a dataflow that could have multiple transformations. This way you do not have to copy the M code one query at a time. Too many meanings for "model" in Power BI. Read more »
• Parent-Child hierarchies with multiple parents in Power BI
Imke Feldmann describes a possible approach to parent-child hierarchies where the same node can have multiple parents. Be careful in managing non-additive measures with these models! Read more »
• Conversions between Decimal, Binary, and Hexadecimal
Phil Seamark posted some DAX code to implement the conversions provided by the Excel function HEX2DEC, DEC2BIN, BIN2DEC, and DEC2HEX. If only we could create libraries of DAX functions! Read more »
• Power BI Report Server updated build
There is a new build released on October 10 for Power BI Report Server September 2019 update. It seems there are several bug fixes but there is no official document about what has been fixed. Download now »
• BISM Normalizer 5.0
Christian Wade announced the release of BISM Normalizer 5.0. The free tool that compares two Tabular models now supports the compatibility level 1500 introduced by Analysis Services 2019. Download now »