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Strong and weak relationships in Power BI

This article describes what weak relationships are and the differences between strong and weak relationship in Power BI and DAX.
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DAX 101: Previous year up to a certain date

This article describes how to compute previous year values up to a certain date. This is useful in case the data is presenting incomplete months or years. Read more »



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• Last Data Modeling for Power BI classes in 2019:

  San Francisco, CA, US – Oct 30-Nov 1

  Amsterdam, NL – Nov 26-28

• New Mastering DAX class in November:

  Seattle, WA, US – Nov 12-14



Latest news on BI

• VertiPaq Analyzer 2.0 Preview 1
VertiPaq Analyzer 2.0 is coming. The Preview 1 is available – because it is a preview, it is not ready for production and it has bugs, so any feedback by early adopters is welcome. It needs DAX Studio 2.9.4. Read more »
• DAX Studio 2.9.4
The new version of DAX Studio added the support for VertiPaq Analyzer 2.0 (currently in preview) and introduces a new wizard to the Export Data feature. You don't want to miss this release. Read more »
• Power BI Desktop September 2019 Update
New default themes are the most visible of the new Power BI features. But performance improvements for DirectQuery and connection to multi-dimensional cubes are probably more important if you are using those features. Read more »
• Power BI Custom Format String Examples
Another feature of Power BI September 2019 update is the adoption of custom format strings using the VBA syntax, which does not have a very good documentation. Chris Webb wrote a blog post explaining what you can do through several examples. Read more »
• Power BI Comparer
Imke Feldmann published an Excel file that compares two Power BI models by opening and loading the corresponding templates (PBIT files). Useful tool to check what changed in two versions that seemed identical. Read more »
• Power BI End-To-End diagram
Melissa Coates updated the Power BI end-to-end diagram that in a single page recap all the high-level features of Power BI and many related services. Also a seasoned Power BI expert can find unknown parts of the architecture: who knew that you can configure the Power BI mobile app with Intune?
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• The AutoSetDefaultInitialCatalog Analysis Services property
Chris Webb describes how to change a setting in Analysis Services that does not select an initial catalog by default for a new connection. This can improve the user experience using tools like SQL Server Management Studio when the security does not provide access to all the databases on a server.
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