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Understanding Calculation Group Precedence

This article explains the precedence of calculation groups in DAX, needed whenever multiple calculation groups are present within the same model. This is the fourth part of a series dedicated to calculation groups in DAX. Read more »



My Power BI Report is slow: what should I do?

In this new session recorded in Portland, Marco Russo shows how to use the Performance Analyzer and DAX Studio to find the bottlenecks in a slow Power BI report. Watch now »



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Latest news on BI

• New look for Power BI Service
Microsoft introduced a new look in Power BI service, following the restyling already applied to Power BI Desktop. The new look is in preview now and subject to further updates in the coming months. No dark mode, yet.
Read more »
• Service availability notifications for Power BI
You can receive email notifications about service outages or incidents happening on Power BI Service. Just enable this feature in the tenant settings of the admin portal. Better to know this before your users start screaming. Read more »
• Setting up version control for PBIX files with no additional cost
Gilbert Quevauvilliers wrote the first part of a series describing how to setup a version control system for PBIX files using Azure DevOps, which is free under 5 users. Read more »
• Use shared datasets in Power BI Report Builder
Power BI Report Builder paginated reports can consume shared datasets in Power BI Pro license. Yes, you cannot publish it on Power BI Pro (you need Power BI Premium to publish paginated reports), but it works locally and it is free. So there is a way to obtain that PDF someone asked you... Read more »
• Power BI visual header tooltip
Prathy Kamasani wrote an interesting short article describing use cases for the new visual header Tool Tip released in June in Power BI Desktop. When you have so many features, it is important to understand when to use them, not just how. Read more »
• Online attach in SQL Server Analysis Services 2019 CTP 3.2
The CTP 3.2 of SSAS 2019 has a new feature (Online attach) that can be used for synchronization of read-only replicas in on-premises query scale out environments. No more downtime doing that. Thanks Chris Webb for tweeting about it. Read more »
• Tabular Editor 2.8.4
Tabular Editor supports files for translations and it is now available as a portable version that does not require any installation on the client machine. If you are still using VS to edit your SSAS model, you should stop and download this tool. Now. Download now »