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DAX 101: Year-to-date filtering weekdays in DAX

Time intelligence functions oftentimes hide an automatic ALL statement meant to make time intelligence calculations easier.
This article describes this behavior and what to do in case it ends up breaking your calculation. Read more »



Hate and love for the DAX language

Marco Russo answered to the question "Why do all the BI consultants hate DAX?" on Quora and recap his main points in this short blog post, looking for further comments.
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Upcoming Mastering DAX courses

• Last seats courses:

  Orange Country, CA, US – May 15-17 Last seats

  Cincinnati, OH, US – May 21-23 Last seats

  Helsinki, FI – May 21-23 Last seats

• Courses in June:

  New York, NY, US – June 12-14 Early Bird

  Portland, OR, US – June 19-21 Early Bird

  Aarhus, DK – June 18-20 Early Bird



Latest news on BI

• Governance settings for Power BI cache refreshes from Azure Analysis Services
Publishing a Power BI report getting data from Analysis Services might create a large workload on your SSAS instance just because of automatic refresh made by Power BI. The ClientCacheRefreshPolicy setting allows the SSAS admin to control this behavior, tuning it in case of performance issues.
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• E-Mail subscriptions for paginated reports
You can create an email subscription for paginated reports published on Power BI Premium. Nothing new if you have SSRS on premises, but this is another step of moving all these services on the cloud. Unfortunately, Power BI Pro users still do not have paginated reports. Read more »
• On-premises data gateway April update
The April version of the on-premises data gateway supports a public preview for custom data connectors in the personal gateway, it supports SAP BW single sign-on using Kerberos, and it includes the updated version of the mashup engine. Keep your gateway up-to-date! Read more »
• Tabular Editor 2.8.2
The last version of Tabular Editor has many small improvements, especially for supporting new DAX functions, Calculation Groups, and Display Folders. Download now »
• SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 18.0 released
This new major release of SSMS is important for SQL Server DBA and doesn't have new features for Analysis Services. But chances are you want to get this new version that better integrates with Azure Data Studio, too.
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