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DAX 101: Summing values for the total

This article shows how to compute a measure that sums the values produced row by row in the visual into the visual total, instead of recomputing the total value in the filter context of the total. Read more »



Aggregations in Power BI

Watch this SQLBits session where Alberto Ferrari explains how aggregations work in Power BI. You will learn the advantages and the limitations of aggregations and you will understand how and when to use aggregations in Power BI models. Watch now »



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Mastering DAX

  Orange Country, CA – May 15-17

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Data Modeling for Power BI

  Melborune – August 6-8

Mastering DAX

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Latest news on BI

• Power BI Desktop April 2019 release
The gem of this monthly release of Power BI Desktop is probably the drillthrough across reports, even though improvements in filter pane and the Key Influencer supporting continuous analysis for numeric targets will make many people happy. There are also several other enhancements in Query Editor and M IntelliSense. Read more »
• Power BI dataflows general availability
After several months of preview, Power BI dataflows are now generally available. Between the new features included in this release, the most relevant is probably the email notification on scheduled refresh failures.
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• Preview of Automated Machine Learning for dataflows
Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) is a feature for Power BI Premium and Power BI Embedded that allows creating ML models for Binary Predictions, Classifications, and Regressions. The model can be applied to data coming from a Power BI dataflow. The goal is not to replace other machine learning services, but rather to enable data analysts creating simple ML models without having to integrate different services. Read more »
• General availability of new workspace experience in Power BI
The New Workspace Experience in Power BI is now available. It is no longer necessary to create an Office 365 Group for every new Power BI workspace. While this is a welcome feature, there are a number of differences with the "old" workspace experience. Release notes are an important reading.
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• Paginated Reports in Power BI support Azure Analysis Services
If you have an Azure Analysis Services database, you can now create paginated reports (the new name for Reporting Services reports) connected to Azure Analysis Services. Read more »
• Power BI Paginated Report Builder
The good old Report Builder for Reporting Services has a new life now as Power BI Paginated Report Builder. Although paginated reports are available only in Power BI Premium, the Report Builder can be downloaded and used also by Power BI Pro users. This will be more interesting once XMLA endpoints will be available in Power BI Pro, even just in read-only mode. Read more »

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