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DAX 101: Counting working days

The DAX 101 is a new series of short articles describing how to solve common requirements in DAX. The second article is about counting working days in DAX. Read more »



Different types of many-to-many relationships in Power BI

Marco Russo presented a session at SQLBits 2019 describing the different type of many-to-many relationships you can create in Power BI. Yes, there are many types and the defaults are usually wrong! Watch now »



Upcoming SQLBI courses

Mastering DAX:

  Amsterdam, NL – April 9-11

  Orange Country, CA, US – May 15-17

  Cincinnati, OH, US – May 21-23

  Helsinki, FI – May 21-23

Data Modeling for Power BI:

  Chicago, IL, US – March 25-27 Last seats

  Amsterdam, NL – May 8-10

  Calgary, AB, CA – June 3-5



Using DAX to format a list of values

Another video for Guy in a Cube channel! Alberto Ferrari and Patrick LeBlanc walk through how you can use DAX to format a list of values within Power BI Desktop. This takes the concatenate values quick measure to the next level.
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Latest news on BI

• Power BI Desktop March 2019 release
This monthly update of Power BI Desktop has many small improvements, but the more popular one is certainly the ability to enforce the single selection on a slicer. The new modeling view also replaced the "old" one: if you did not try the preview before, you will experience a new data modeling environment. Read more »
• On-premises data gateway December update
Microsoft released the March version of the on-premises data gateway. You should always update the gateway in order to keep it aligned with the more recent versions of Power BI. Avoid the headache caused by a failing refresh because of unaligned versions! Read more »
• Attaching you own Common Data Model to Power BI Dataflows
Chris Webb describes in details how to create a Common Data Model folder in an Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 and how to make it visible to Power BI as a dataflow. At the end, they are just CSV files, so having more options to push data in Power BI enables more complex scenarios. Read more »

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