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DAX error messages in Power BI

This article describes the real meaning of and the required action for a few common error messages that can appear when users define DAX expressions in Power BI. Read more »



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Latest news on Power BI

• Naming variables in DAX
Marco Russo wrote a few considerations about naming DAX variables in order to avoid conflicts with table names. Don’t miss the comments section, the conversation is developing there. Read more »
• Personal bookmarks in Power BI Service
Microsoft is releasing the ability to save personal bookmarks in Power BI Service. You can create multiple personal bookmarks and one of them can be marked as the default one. It is a long awaited feature that is finally available. Read more »
• Power BI dataflows January updates
Dataflows are still in preview and are constantly updated. There are many more data connectors available now, including MySQL, Analysis Services, Google Analytics and many others. If you faced the Google Analytics restrictions refreshing your dataset too often, you have now a good reason to try dataflows! Read more »
• Easily embed secure Power BI reports in your internal portals
Lukasz Pawlowski describes how to safely include Power BI reports in internal web portals. Indeed, you must not use the Publish to Web for this, because the report would be visible to anyone, and you don't want to expose your sensitive data, right? Read more »
• Power BI data privacy levels with cloud data sources
Chris Webb describes how to set the right data privacy levels for cloud and web-based data sources. If you never had problems with privacy levels in Power Query, you probably never used Power Query. If you did, this article will save you the next time you are in trouble. Read more »




This article explains how to use KEEPFILTERS to intersect instead of overriding an existing filter context in DAX, simplifying the code and improving performance. Read more »