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Understanding the data lineage in DAX

Data lineage is a DAX feature so well-implemented that most developers use it without knowing about its existence. This article describes the data lineage and how it can help producing better DAX code. Read more »



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Latest news on Business Intelligence

• What has happened in the DAX world in 2018
Marco Russo wrote a recap of what happened in 2018: not too much in the DAX language, we are waiting for something big and the 2019 should be the right time for that. Read more »
• DAX Date Template 1.07
During holidays we made a few updates to the DAX Date Template project, fixing several bugs and adding support for Swedish holidays. Read more »
• Power Pivot Utilities 1.10
Power Pivot Utilities has been updated by Bertrand d'Arbonneau, fixing several minor issues. Read more »
• Displaying a list of selected months
Alberto Ferrari wrote a short blog post describing a technique to display the range(s) of selected months in a slicer. Then he edited the post including a better solution between the several ones discussed in the comments. Sometimes the comments are better than the article! Read more »
• Power BI paginated reports: FAQ
Creating paginated reports in Power BI is the "official" way of describing Reporting Services in Power BI. You certainly have many questions about capabilities/limitations/licensing - Microsoft published a page with Frequently Asked Questions that should answer most of them. Read more »
• Power BI drillthrough for complex measures
Chris Webb describes an interesting workaround to enable drillthrough in Power BI for complex measures waiting for a support of a better feature (Detail Rows expressions) that is supported only in Excel PivotTables so far. Read more »
• On-premises data gateway December update
Make sure you keep your data gateway updated. Microsoft released the December version just before holidays, so you might have missed it. The best feature we are still waiting is automatic update, though. Read more »
• How to make DAX distinct counts 100x faster
If you have billions of rows in Analysis Services with millions of unique values you want to analyze with DISTINCTCOUNT, you do not have an hardware today that provides quick enough results to slice and dice interactively. Greg Galloway describes a complex optimization that through a complex ETL and partitioning can provide great performance. Read more »



Variables in DAX

DAX introduced variables in 2015, so if you are not using them much, start from the basics and read these articles that introduces the syntax and show several examples: