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Bidirectional relationships and ambiguity in DAX

Activating bidirectional cross-filter in a Tabular data model might produce undesired side effects. This article explains in details the issues that bidirectional relationships might generate if not used well. Read more »



SQLBI courses in 2019

The 2019 schedule has new Mastering DAX dates in May and June:

Cincinnati, OH, US – May 21-23

Helsinki, FI – May 21-23

Aarhus, DK – June 18-20

Don't miss the only two dates of Data Modeling for Power BI for the first semester:

Chicago, IL, US – Mar 25-27

Amsterdam, NL – May 8-10



Latest news on Power BI

• Power BI Desktop December 2018
Microsoft did it: there are 12 months in one year and 12 versions of Power BI have been released in 2018. While breaking the 11 lines limit of the DAX editor is the most welcome feature in this update, the consensus is that the most important update is the ability to align objects on a page using smart guides. And, as usual, many other improvements and updates, especially for accessibility. Read more »
• Bring your own Data Lake Storage to Power BI Dataflows
Power BI dataflows can be connected to an external Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2. You can create dataflows outside of Power BI and consume there in Power BI. Or the opposite. Or both. Why are all so excited for a repository of text files? Because with some metadata (in other text files) you can easily integrate completely different services in the cloud. Read more »
• Improvements in Q&A for Power BI
With Q&A you can now ask related questions: after the first question, the follow up request is evaluated in the context of the previous question. While we missed the prediction of 2001: A Space Odyssey (and we are still far from there), the computer interaction predicted in Blade Runner for 2019 is almost done, even though we don't have off-world colonies and smart replicants. Read more »
• Data privacy settings in Power Query
Chris Webb wrote an interesting post with further analysis of how the data privacy settings work in Power BI. This is a must read if you struggle with data privacy settings in your Power Query transformations. Read more »
• Power BI solution templates moving to open source
The news is that the Power BI solution templates are going to be open source from January 1, 2019 and they will be removed from appsource. Going open source when the support ends is a good idea, but we like the open source more during active development. Read more »
• Visualizing data in Power BI paginated reports
Jason Thomas created a Power BI version of the Financial Times Visual Vocabulary. The original version is in Tableau, so the challenge was to rebuild the same result using Power BI. This is an impressive work and very useful to see how to use custom visuals and properties to obtain charts you didn't think were possible in Power BI. Read more »