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Displaying Nth Element in DAX

This article describes how to create a measure displaying the name or value of an element that has a specific ranking, with different option for managing ties. Read more »



Power BI Visuals Reference

The new version of the Power BI Visual Reference includes all the 204 visuals available in Microsoft Power BI, including more than 170 custom visuals.
Download the free PDF »



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Last seats for Mastering DAX in Boston and first time in Florida.

• Mastering DAX: Boston - Oct 31-Nov 2
• Mastering DAX: Houston - Nov 13-15
• Mastering DAX: Miami - Dec 3-5
Last seats
• Mastering DAX: London - Nov 20-22

Only two Data Modeling for Power BI classes until the end of the year!
• Data Modeling: New York - Nov 28-30
• Data Modeling: London - Oct 16-18 Last seats



Latest news on Business Intelligence

• Smart Filter Pro 2.0.4
The Smart Filter Pro has now a clear selection button and several bug fixes. The preview is free until the end of 2018. Download now »
• Tabular Editor 2.7.4
The latest version of Tabular Editor has a lot of fixes and minor improvements. Most important, it supports all the recently released features in Power BI modeling, so it is a required update for those editing PBIT files with this tool! Download now »
• Future of Analysis Services and Power BI for enterprise models
Microsoft presented a detailed demo of new features coming soon to Power BI Premium Capacity, such as aggregations, dual storage mode (DirectQuery and Import for the same model), and incremental refresh. Wath the Christian Wade presentation to see more – no marketing, just demos! Watch now »
• New features for automating CSV creation using Power Query and Microsoft Flow
Chris Webb describes how to store in a CSV file the result of a Power Query transformation. The tool to automate the process is Microsoft Flow, so this could be an interesting reading also if you've never seen what Microsoft Flow is! Read more »
• Power BI Developer community September update
There are several updates for Power BI Embedded and custom visuals developers. New URL filtering capabilities should be interesting for embedded scenarios, and a new API for custom visuals is in beta, supporting TypeScript v3 and ES6 modules. Read more »
• Power BI Premium Capacity Metrics app
There is a new service app to monitor the performance and resource consumption of Power BI Premium Capacity. The new app also includes an overview of the most expensive queries. This way you can make sure you really need to optimize the DAX measures! Read more »