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Side effects of the Sort By Column setting in DAX

This article explains the side effects of the Sort By Column feature in Microsoft Power BI and how to write correct DAX code to avoid any issue. Read more »



Smart Filter Pro update available

A new version of Smart Filter Pro (v2.0.3) is available now.
It includes several minor bug fixes and new features, such as:

• Sync Slicers: the Smart Filter Pro selection can now be synced across every page of your reports.
• High-Contrast mode: the Smart Filter Pro now supports the high-contrast settings of Windows.
• Consolidate multiple filters: you can now bind several fields to Smart Filter Pro inside a single search box.

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The hidden secrets of TOTALYTD

This blog post describes a few details of the syntax of TOTALYTD and suggest the use of CALCULATE and DATESYTD to avoid possible mistakes with wrong parameters. Read more »



Early Bird expiring!

Early bird expiring soon for the next Mastering DAX courses in North America:

Mastering DAX
Sep 18-20 - Toronto, ON, CA
Mastering DAX
Oct 1-3 - San Francisco, CA, US
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Latest news on Business Intelligence

• Power BI Desktop August 2018
After two weeks from the July version, Microsoft released the August 2018 update of Power BI Desktop. The more popular features is Export to PDF, which is the way to print a Power BI report. But conditional formatting by values and data categories for measures are way more important to improve a report. Did we mention there is also Python integration? Read more »
• Power BI new workspace experience
A Power BI workspace no longer (will) require an Office 365 group. This feature is in preview, but Microsoft has a clear roadmap to replace the current experience and to make the link to an Office 365 group an option and no longer a requirement. Read more »
• Introduction to Power BI Dataflows
If you read about Common Data Model for Analytics, or about Datapools, welcome in the Microsoft favorite sport: product renaming. This month the (final?) name is Dataflows. Well, Power BI Dataflows. Maybe they will need a space? Who knows. Whatever the name, this technology is really interesting to split the transformation (Power Query) from the model (Power BI / Tabular / DAX). James Serra explains this in a short and technical blog post. No marketing here. Read more »
• Importing from CSV or Excel in Power BI
Chris Webb compared the Power Query performance importing the same data from a CSV and from an Excel file. Short result: use CSV if you can. Longer explanation and comparison chart in the blog post. Read more »
• Modeling for Analysis Services Tabular scalability
Microsoft released a whitepaper to improve data models for very large Tabular databases. These suggestions will not improve your 10 million rows database, but with billions of rows this is a must read. Read more »