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Microsoft Power BI is a model-based tool

This article describes the differences between report-based tools and model-based tools. Because Power BI is a model-based tool and not a report-based tool, it is useful to have a quick reference explaining these differences. Read more »



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Latest news on Power BI and SSAS

• DAX Formatter update
DAX Formatter has an automatic handling of the comma separator. It is based on the number of occurrences of commas and semicolons and it works most of the times. Manual selection is always possible. Find out more »
• Smart Filter Pro update
Smart Filter Pro has an important update (v2.0.1) that fixed many bugs, improved performance on large number of rows, and added a few small features like multiple-selection in Observer mode, and Consolidate Filters option for Filter mode. Find out more »
• Power BI expands self-service prep for big data
Microsoft is preparing some big announcements for Power BI at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit in Seattle next week. Some vague and incomplete anticipations is already available. Read more »
• DAX formula bar keyboard shortcuts in Power BI Desktop
Daniil Maslyuk wrote a useful post describing the shortcuts available in the DAX formula bar in Power BI. You will discover many shortcuts you didn't know! Read more »
• How the new IsAvailableInMDX property for Analysis Services Tabular can reduce memory usage
Chris Webb describes how to use the IsAvailableInMDX property in Analysis Services 2017 and Azure Analysis Services. He also reports some example of the savings in memory and processing time that can be obtained in large models. Read more »




This article describes the semantic difference between ALLEXCEPT and the joint use of ALL and VALUES, showing practical examples of the different results in Power BI and SSAS 2016. Read more »