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Creating table functions in DAX using DETAILROWS

This article describes how to use the detail rows expression of a measure to obtain the equivalent of creating table functions in DAX. This allows the reusing of a table expression in multiple CALCULATE filters. Read more »


Smart Filter Pro by OKViz

Smart Filter Pro is the premium version of the popular Smart Filter visual. The Pro version introduces powerful features, such as performance boost, incremental loading, enhanced Observer mode and a shiny new Filter mode. The preview is free until Dec 31, 2018. Read more »

Smart Filter Pro is the first commercial custom visual by OKViz. Read why free visuals will benefit from paid ones »  

Events in Australia

Marco Russo will be speaking at the Queensland Power BI User Group in Brisbane on July 18, 2018.

Next courses

Last few days of early bird for Mastering DAX in Melbourne and Data Modeling for Power BI in Sydney.
Mastering DAX back in Toronto in September.
First time of Mastering DAX in San Francisco.
Other cities and dates for 2018 »  

Latest news on Power BI

• On-premises data gateway June update The on-premises data gateway has a new version (June 2018) and you should update it. No new features, just bug fixes. Automatic updates of on-premises data gateway is definitely the most important feature required now! Read more »
• OData performance improvements in Power BI Desktop Chris Webb describes performance improvements made in Power Query OData data sources in Power BI Desktop June 2018 release. Suggestion: review and update your M code importing OData source to take advantage of improved performance. Read more »
• Microsoft Common Data Services Teo Lachev wrote an interesting overview of the Microsoft Common Data Services. As Power BI users we are mainly interested in Common Data Service for Analytics, and it is not available yet – but it is coming soon. Will it be just a v1? Certainly, it is not a replacement for a data warehouse. Read more »

Data import best practices in Power BI

When you create a data model in Power BI, you should consider how to properly use naming convention and what columns to include, in order to improve usability and performance. This article provides a quick list of best practices valid for both Power BI and Power Pivot. Read more »