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Optimizing IF conditions using variables

This article describes a very common optimization pattern using variables to optimize conditional expressions in DAX. Read more »



Time intelligence issues in DAX for fiscal years starting in March

If you have a fiscal year starting in March, you can have a problem using the time intelligence functions in DAX. Read more »



Change culture/collation of an Analysis Services Tabular database

When you create a Tabular model for Analysis Services, the Culture and Collation properties are set automatically and cannot be changed by the SSDT user interface. Read more »



Next courses

July and August in Australia:
Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth (Mastering DAX)
Sydney (Data Modeling for Power BI)
Last DAX courses in Europe before summer:
Vienna (Mastering DAX)
Amsterdam (Mastering DAX)
Look at new dates in San Francisco, London, New York, Miami (and other cities coming soon!)



Latest news on Power BI

• On-premises data gateway May update
The May update of the On-Premises Data Gateway is available. New features for single sign-on (SSO) support, and mashup engine synchronized with the Power BI Desktop version. Read more »
• Power BI desktop supports connecting to a diagnostics port
Power BI Desktop now officially supports external connections for diagnostics purposes. Translation: Microsoft support employees now can suggest to use tools like DAX Studio and VertiPaq Analyzer. Read more »
• Using email attachments as a data source in Power BI
Chris Webb explains how to use files received by email as a data source in Power BI. This is a nice technique to automate the process of Excel/CSV files you receive every month in your inbox. Read more »