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Using COMBINEVALUES to optimize DirectQuery performance

This article describes the behavior of the COMBINEVALUES function in DAX, and how it can optimize the performance of DirectQuery with multi-column relationships. Read more »


Removing column filter in Power BI when Sort by Column is active

A recurring issue for Power BI users writing DAX code is that column filter removal might have an unexpected behavior when the Sort by Column is active on the column. Read more »


Next courses

Summer is coming and there are just a few SQLBI courses available before vacations, don't miss these dates:

Last Optimizing DAX in United States until fall:
Seattle, WA (June 7-8)
Last Data Modeling for Power BI course before summer:
Amsterdam (June 26-28)
Last Mastering DAX courses in Europe before summer:
Vienna (June 19-21) and Amsterdam (July 2-4)
Join us in July and August in:
Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth


DAX best practices – SQLBits 2018

As with any other language, you can write good DAX but you can also write bad DAX. Good DAX works fine, it is fast and reliable and can be updated easily. Bad DAX, on the other hand is… well, just bad. Watch now »


Power BI May 2018 update, developers community, SQL Server SP2, and more...

• DAX Formatter update
DAX Formatter now uses a different color for variable names. Read more »
• Power BI Desktop May 2018
Power BI Desktop May update is available. This update introduces the ability to format any fields, including strings and dates, by a different numeric field in the model. Read more »
 • Power BI reports and buttons (Video)
Patrick LeBlanc recorded a video about the button feature in Power BI, which can be used with the bookmarks to obtain a much more interactive user experience. Watch now »
 • Learn about Power BI Embedded in 20 minutes
If you do not have a clear understanding about the differences between Power BI and Power BI Embedded, watch this Microsoft webinar planned for May 23, 2018 (free registration). Register now »
 • Tableau Prep vs. Power Query
Teo Lachev wrote a blog post comparing Power Query to the newly released Tableau Prep. Power Query is a much more mature product compared to Tableau Prep, just as Tableau is more mature when it come to visualization features compared to Power BI. However, the real difference is the data model. Power BI has one, Tableau does not. If you have multiple fact tables in the same report, it’s an easy choice. Read more »
 • On-premises data gateway April update
The On-premises data gateway has been updated, we have the April update. The biggest new feature is the support for custom data connectors in the personal gateway. However, upgrading your gateway is always a good idea to keep the mashup engine synchronized with the Power BI Desktop version. Read more »
 • Power BI developers community April update
Many news for Power BI developers: new API for custom visuals to support bookmarks (OKViz components will support them soon), a custom visual hands-on lab available, and new features available for Power BI Embedded (custom report Tooltips and Q&A Explorer). Read more »
• SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 2 released
If you use Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2016, it is time to install the Service Pack 2 released a few days ago. Really, you should update your SQL Server 2016, there are many bug fixes, especially if you do not regularly install cumulative updates! Read more »
• Deprecated and discontinued functionality in SSAS 2017
Chris Webb describes deprecated and discontinued functionalities in Analysis Services 2017. Are you still in compatibility level 1103? Well, it is now deprecated, you should plan the migration! Read more »