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Using OR conditions between slicers in DAX

This article describes how to implement in DAX a logical OR condition between the selection of two slicers of a Power BI report or of a PivotTable in Excel. By default, when relying on more than one slicer they are considered in an AND condition. Read more »


DAX Optimization Examples – SQLBits 2018

How do you optimize a DAX expression? In this session, Alberto Ferrari analyzes some DAX expressions and Tabular models and, through the usage of DAX Studio and some understanding of the VertiPaq model, we will look at how to optimize them. Watch now »


Next DAX courses

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Optimizing DAX is available in Seattle on June 7-8.


Power BI Q&A, Lingo, and more...

• Editing Q&A linguistic schemas
The Q&A linguistic schema of Power BI is now documented in a blog post from Will Thompson. This is a new feature in Power BI Desktop April update, and there other two related news about this (see below). Read more »
 • Power BI Q&A modeling boot camp (video)
If you want to get serious about Q&A, you should learn how to edit the linguistic schema and how to properly design the data model. The Q&A modeling boot camp is a series of free videos exploring how to do this. It also includes exercises! Watch now »
 • Introducing Lingo
In order to edit a linguistic schema, Power BI Tips & Tricks released Lingo, a free Power BI Linguistic Code Editor. You still have to learn what to do (see above), but at least you have a more productive environment to edit the linguistic schema. Read more »
 • Power BI parameters (video)
Adam Saxton explains how to update parameters in Power BI reports published on, both through UI and programmatically. You can save the time to refresh the model locally to do that, which was necessary a few months ago when changing parameters values. Watch now »
 • Dynamically changing a chart axis using bookmarks
Chris Webb describes an interesting technique to change the axis in a Power BI chart using bookmarks and buttons instead of relying on complex DAX and data modeling tricks. This result in a faster and more reliable approach. If you still don’t use bookmarks, this could be a good reason to learn more about them. Read more »
• My Power BI report is slow: what should I do?
While delivering a Mastering DAX workshop in Chicago, Marco Russo will be presenting the session “My Power BI report is slow: what should I do?” at the Power BI User Group in Chicago on June 14, 2018. Read more »