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This article provides a complete explanation of the behavior of the ALLxxx functions in DAX. When used as filters in CALCULATE, ALLxxx functions might display unexpected behaviors. Read more »


How to learn DAX

The "How to learn DAX" guide shows the path to move from DAX Rookie to DAX Ninja and to DAX Guru. Look at the updated guide in the new SQLBI web site. Start here »


Data Modeling for Power BI - Amsterdam: Early Bird expires soon!

There are just a few days to get the early bird discount to attend the first edition of the Data Modeling for Power BI course in Amsterdam. You can also register to North America and Australia classes.

Additional bonus: who attend these classes will get access to the correspondent video course when available.


Power BI March 2018 update and more...

• Power BI Desktop March 2018
Power BI Desktop March update is available. The most important new feature is the report page tooltips, which allows you to display a custom page report inside a tooltip. It could be named as "tooltip on steroids". Read more »
 • Understanding the differences between Power BI Desktop and Power BI Desktop for Report Server
If you don’t know that there are two different versions of Power BI Desktop and you are using Power BI Report Server, you definitely need to read the differences between “Power BI Desktop” and “Power BI Desktop Optimized for Power BI Report Server”. A product name is never too long in Microsoft. Read more »
 • Gartner recognizes Microsoft as a leader in Analytics and BI
If you don’t live in a bubble, you probably know that Gartner recognized Microsoft as a leader in Analytics and BI platforms for the 11th consecutive year. So, where is the news? Management like these arguments. Save the link for your next meeting about vendor selection. Read more »
• Automation of Analysis Services with NuGet packages
You can get the latest AMO and ADOMD libraries from NuGet. Despite its name, AMO also includes TOM, which is the object model for Analysis Services Tabular. We finally have a single source for the latest version of these important libraries. Yes, it is a developer thing, which makes it easier installing tools like DAX Studio and Tabular Editor, too. Read more »
 • Tabular Editor script snippets
Daniel Otykier published a set of useful script snippets for Tabular Editor. For example, you can create Time Intelligence functions for existing measures in a Tabular model using a simple customizable script. Read more »
• Marco Russo presents Time Intelligence in Power BI
Marco Russo will present the updated "Time Intelligence in Power BI" session at the free Power BI User Group meeting in New York on March 15, 2018. Registration is strictly required to enter the venue! Free register »
 • Two weeks, two countries, two conferences, one family
Marco and Alberto (from SQLBI) have been speaking at SQLBits 2018 and SQL Konferenz 2018. Marco shared his thoughts on his blog. Read more »


From SQL to DAX: Filtering Data

The WHERE condition of an SQL statement has two counterparts in DAX: FILTER and CALCULATETABLE. In this article we explore the differences between them, providing a few best practices in their use. Read more »