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The definitive guide to ALLSELECTED

ALLSELECTED is a powerful function that can hide several traps. This article is an in-depth analysis of the behavior of ALLSELECTED, explaining shadow filter contexts, what they are and how they are used by ALLSELECTED.
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The new Data Modeling for Power BI course

Marco Russo describes the content and who should attend the new Data Modeling for Power BI course based on the book Analyzing Data with Power BI and Power Pivot. First dates announced in Europe, United States, and Australia. Read more »


New courses in Australia

SQLBI classes are coming back in Australia:

Are you in US or Europe? Don't miss the early bird discount for New York and Amsterdam classes in March - it exprires in a few days!


Power BI Desktop February update, On-premises data gateway, and more...

• Power BI Desktop February update
Power BI Desktop February 2018 update is available, and this is a huge update. The two most important features are certainly multiple selection across multiple charts and slicers synchronized across multiple pages. But there are many other improvements like DirectQuery performance optimization and the long-awaited Mark as Date table feature. Read more »
 • Fun with graphing in Power BI
Greg Deckler wrote a series of article describing how to push the limits of Power BI displaying graphs. It requires to really think out of the box to write DAX measures that plot Cartesian parametric equations. Very instructive! Read more »
 • Creating Excel “Data Dump” reports from Power BI
If you need to dump data from Power BI to Excel and Export Data is not enough because of its limitation, read how to solve the problem using DAX queries (from Chris Webb blog). Read more »
 • DAX IF & Switch statement performance
Roman Lánský compared IF and SWITCH performances in DAX. The result is not a simple answer. As usual, it depends. Read more »
 • On-premises data gateway January update
If you use the Data Gateway for Power BI, watch out the January 2018 update. Yes, there is still no February update for this. Read more »
• Using SSAS Multidimensional as a data source for Power BI
Chris Webb explained at PASS Summit how to use SSAS Multidimensional as a data source for Power BI. If you have this mixed scenario, you might want to watch his video. Watch now »


Row Context and Filter Context in DAX

Understanding the difference between row context and filter context is important in using DAX correctly. This article introduces these two concepts. Read more »