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What has happened in the DAX world in 2017

We are approaching the end of 2017, so it is a good time to review what happened in the DAX world this year, what we’ve been up to at SQLBI and what is going to happen in 2018.
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Most popular articles of 2017

Here are the most popular SQLBI articles of this year.
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Power BI and SSAS updates

• Embedding with Power BI - What's the difference?
Adam Saxton explains the two embedding scenarios available in Power BI in a 10 minutes video: embedding for organization and embedding for customers. Both use the same API, the difference is the licensing and some details in registration and permissions. If you are wondering whether there is more than one scenario for embedding Power BI, you need to watch this video! Watch now »
 • Power BI On-premises Data Gateway update
The On-premises data gateway has a new version (December 2017). You still must manually upgrade your personal gateway and your enterprise gateway. Automatic update is a really needed feature for this service. Read more »
• Data Refresh with the REST API for Azure Analysis Services
Azure Analysis Services has now a REST API that enables launching asynchronous data refresh operations. Probably, this is the first step in providing a larger set of features through a REST API. Read more »