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Computing same product sales in DAX

This article shows a technique in DAX to compute the sales volume of products that were available right from the beginning of a selected time period, ignoring products introduced afterwards. Read more »

OKViz Update

OKViz visuals updates

We just released a bunch of updates for OKViz visuals to fix several issues. Take a look:

Please note that these versions are in BETA. In the next weeks they will be published in the AppSource and automatically updated in all the reports that use them.


See you in New York (2018)

The first european courses in 2018 will be Amsterdam and London.
If you want to follow a course in US, these are the first ones we scheduled:

New York
• Mar 12-14 - Mastering DAX
• Mar 15-16 - Optimizing DAX
There will be other dates in Europe and US between April and July. We will also deliver courses in Australia in July and August 2018. Watch out updated dates in the next newsletters.


Power BI updates and more...

• Power BI Desktop December update
The Power BI Desktop December update introduces Q&A integrated in the report design experience, plus many other big and small improvements. Enabling description for each attribute is an important step in enriching metadata and usability for report consumers. Read more »
 • TreeViz custom visual
The TreeViz is a custom visual that resembles the good old breakdown tree view that was available in ProClarity. Hint: there is a bug if you have blank values in the column you put in Category data. It is a first version, but it fills a gap. Read more »
 • How to use the Correlation Plot visual
Siddharth Mehta wrote a nice post explaining how to use the Correlation Plot custom visual made by Microsoft. Probably you need to prepare data for using it in an effective way with existing data models, reading the article you will understand why. Read more »
 • Power BI template to document Power BI Service
Prathy Kamasani published a Power BI template that extracts metadata from Power BI service documenting what is published on a tenant. Useful if you have many users publishing datasets and reports. Running it requires administrative rights to run requests through Power BI API, and you have to follow some instructions to enable that. Read more »
• Azure Analysis Services diagnostic logs
Azure Analysis Services can now generate diagnostic logs. The integration with Azure Monitor Resource Diagnostic Logs makes it easy to activate and use the logs. The next step is creating a report of long running queries, and you can do that in Power BI, too. Read more »


Calculated Columns and Measures in DAX

One of the first concepts to learn in DAX is the difference between calculated columns and measures. This article shortly recaps the differences and describes when to use each one. Read more »