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Querying raw data to Tabular

This article describes how to extract raw data stored in the Tabular engine, used by Analysis Service Tabular, Power BI, and Power Pivot.
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Beware of selecting 0 in a slicer when you use HASONEVALUE or SELECTEDVALUE - blank will be included, too! Read more »


Last seats for London, Seattle and Stockholm

We are working on the 2018 schedule. In the meantime, don’t lose the last seats available in 2017:

• Nov 27-29 - Mastering DAX
• Nov 30/Dec 1 - Optimizing DAX
• Dec 4-5 - SSAS Tabular
• Dec 6-8 - Mastering DAX
• Dec 13-15 - Mastering DAX


DAX Best Practices

How do you wake up an audience in a session at 8am in the morning? By screaming and jumping saying that you NEVER have to write a table name before a measure reference, as Marco Russo did in the DAX Best Practices session at PASS Summit 2017 (spoiler 04:00-04:30). Watch now »


Updates of Power BI Desktop, Power BI Server, Analysis Services, and more...

• Power BI Desktop November 2017
Many new features in the Power BI Desktop update this month – and you already upgraded automatically if you are using Power BI Desktop from the Windows Store! The most interesting improvements are rule-based conditional formatting for table and matrix, and the cell-level formatting for reports connected live to Multidimensional models in Analysis Services. The latter is a welcome feature for all the user accessing to a Multidimensional model. The article describes many other new features and fixes. Read more »
 • Power BI Report Server October 2017
The October 2017 update of Power BI Report Server introduced the scheduled data refresh and DirectQuery features for Power BI reports published on-premises. Remember, you need a specific Power BI Desktop version to publish reports on Power BI Report Server on-premises. Read more »
• Interactive analysis over trillion rows in Analysis Services
Without providing too many implementation details, Christian Wade shown a demo at PASS Summit 2017 keynote interactively browsing a 1 trillion rows dataset through Power BI connected live to an Analysis Services data model. The trick is a hybrid data model that combines DirectQuery and in-memory aggregated data. This will be a game changer for SSAS, which preview should be coming soon. First on Azure AS, then on-premises. Watch now »
 • Query replica scale-out for Azure Analysis Services
Josh Caplan introduces a new Azure AS feature that enables a scale-out scenario that was available only on-premises before using a network load balancer and multiple instances of Analysis Services on different servers. With Azure Analysis Services, you just need to change a configuration number using a slider. Clients will continue to use a single connection point. This is one of the features we expect from cloud services: frictionless scale-up and scale-out! Read more »
 • Many recorded sessions available on PASStv
There are 13 breakout sessions and two sessions recorded at PASS Summit 2017 that are freely available on PASStv. The required registration worths the hours of content available. Watch now »