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Avoiding circular dependency errors in DAX

This article explains how DAX handles dependencies between tables, columns and relationships, to help you avoid circular dependency errors.

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DAX Studio v2.7

The new version of DAX Studio is finally available! There are many new features and to describe the improvements for the debug experience Marco Russo recorded a short video (7 min.)

DAX Studio Video

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Dallas, New York, Amsterdam and London

Here are some highlights about our next courses:

– Dallas
You have the last chance to attend the Optimizing DAX course in 2017 in North America.
• Mastering DAX - Oct 23-25
• Optimizing DAX - Oct 26-27

– New York
Early bird expiring soon for these courses!
• SSAS Tabular - Nov 6-7
• Mastering DAX - Nov 8-10

– Other cities in Europe
Mastering DAX is sold out in Amsterdam, available seats in London. Optimizing DAX still available in both cities.


Why data modeling is important in Power BI

This blog post describes why data modeling is important in Power BI (and Power Pivot) to avoid complex DAX measures in your code. Solving a problem changing the data model is usually easier and faster than solving it in DAX.

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Power BI updates, SQL Server 2017, more...

• Power BI Desktop available on Windows Store
The Power BI Desktop application is now available in the Windows Store. The good news is that this deployment will include automatic upgrades to new monthly releases and can be installed by non-admin users. The temporary bad news is that we have seen errors in installation on computers where there is already a Power BI Desktop version installed. When this will be resolved, there will be two very similar applications in the Windows Store: Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Microsoft Power BI. The latter is just the viewer for mobile devices, which works also on Windows Desktop. Maybe some rebranding is required. Download it »
 • Power BI Desktop update coming soon
This week the Power BI Desktop update for October 2017 should be released. In fact, part of the bookmark feature announced at Data Insight Summit is already available in Power BI service. Watch out the Power BI blog for coming announcement. Watch out »
 • Power BI Premium capacity to embed Power BI reports
John White explains how to use the Power BI Premium capacity to embed Power BI reports in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. The good news is that the Embedded SKU is available for that use, lowering the entry point to $650/month instead of $5,000/month. Companies with 100 users that only consume existing reports might consider this option. Read more »
 • Ultimate Waterfall custom visual for Power BI
Klaus Birringer created a Waterfall custom visual that includes many features missing in the standard visual provided in Power BI. We received several requests for such a component for an OKViz implementation, but this component already satisfies most of the requirements. The full version is a commercial one, the free version available in the store has a watermark rendered in all reports. Find out more »
• SQL Server 2017 Generally available
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and Analysis Services 2017 are now generally available. The big push is for SQL Server running on Linux and Docker, but the new version of SSAS on-premises is also important. The SQL Server blog includes a recap of other related news and announcements. Read more »
 • Integration Services in Azure Data Factory
As part of the Ignite announcements, another good news is the ability to execute SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages in Azure Data Factory. This is a real game-changer to migrate existing on-premises solutions to the cloud, and to create new cloud solutions based on the powerful and well-known SSIS engine. Read more »