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Using GENERATE and ROW instead of ADDCOLUMNS in DAX

This article explains how to improve DAX queries using GENERATE and ROW instead of ADDCOLUMNS when you create table expressions. Read more »


Optimizing multi-billion row tables in Tabular

Tabular is a great engine that is capable of tremendous performance. That said, when your model gets bigger, you need to use the most sophisticated techniques to obtain the best performance out of it. In this video Alberto Ferrari explains the best practises to follow. Watch now »

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Power BI custom connector, Power KPI and Azure Analysis Services Web Designer

• Power BI custom connector: YouTube Analytics
You can import data from any data source building your own Power BI custom connector. Miguel Escobar created one for Youtube Analytics, so you have a real world sample code and a useful connector if you want to analyze YouTube channel. Read more »
 • Power KPI custom visual
Microsoft released a custom visual named Power KPI that displays line charts with more measures comparing them, with additional labels and tooltips, and a good choice of default settings. Probably “line charts 2.0” would have been a more accurate name, but this is a cool visual for real, not just for its name. Download it now »
• Azure Analysis Services Web Designer
You can finally import a Power BI Desktop file (.pbix) into an Analysis Services database. This is possible thanks to the Azure Analysis Services web designer, but once imported you can reverse engineer to Visual Studio. However, it requires Azure Analysis Services at the moment. First step before having a correspondent feature on-premises. Read more »