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Defining variables in DAX queries

This article shows how to define variables in DAX queries and introduces the differences in scope when there are multiple EVALUATE statements. Read more »


Amsterdam and London

Are you planning after-summer trainings now? Save your seats on our upcoming classes in Amsterdam (Oct 16-20, 2017) and London (Nov 27/Dec 1, 2017). Other cities in US will be announced soon.


Microsoft Data Insight Summit videos, Power BI Report Server, and more...

• Microsoft Data Insight Summit (videos)
Many announcements made at Microsoft Data Insight Summit last week are included in the previous special newsletter. All the recorded session are available on YouTube (some of them are linked in the other news, but there are many other valuable ones). We will see many new features in the Power BI releases of the next three months. Watch now »
 • Power BI Embedded
With the introduction of Power BI Premium, Power BI Embedded and the Power BI service are converging to a unified API for embedding Power BI content in applications. This means that Power BI will be no longer an Azure service – it will be part of the Power BI platform, with a different licensing model. This can be a good news or a bad news, depending on the volume of reports produced. Read more »
 • Power BI Premium licensing
The licensing of Power BI Premium raised many questions. Teo Lachev made a good job in a recap of the changes in licensing for Power BI. Large organizations will be happy, whereas smaller ones might find that Power BI Pro is the cheapest licensing model they can afford. Read more »
 • Power BI Report Server
If you want to share a Power BI report on-premises, then you need Power BI Report Server, which is now generally available (including a free trial). The license requires Power BI Premium or SQL Server Enterprise with Software Assurance. The Power BI Desktop to use should be aligned with Power BI Report Server. Watch the presentation by Riccardo Muti for more details. Keeping data on-premises is going to be very expensive. Read more »
• Azure Analysis Services Web Designer (video)
An Azure Analysis Services web designer is coming soon in the Azure Portal. You can see a demo in the presentation made by Bret Grinslade and Josh Caplan. Fast forward to demo between minutes 35 and 37 to see the new authentication support for Azure Analysis Services from Power BI and Excel. They will finally solve the authentication issue for Analysis Services.
Watch now »
• Creating models in Analysis Services (video)
If you are serious in Analysis Services, you cannot miss the presentation made by Christian Wade about creating models in Analysis Services and managing them in an enterprise environment. If you never used BISM Normalizer, you should see these demos. Watch now »