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Latest Power BI news from Data Insight Summit

Latest news from Microsoft Data Insight Summit keynote, with our comments:

• The June version of Power BI Desktop adds data bars for table and matrix visuals, and many other small improvements.
We were expecting many more new features, but it seems we are just a few weeks away from them, considering these announcements:

- The “drill to” feature in Power BI will allow to jump from one page of a report to another, transferring the filter defined by the selected object.
In other words, you can enable interactive navigation between pages of a report. Not available yet, but coming soon. Long awaited feature.

- The bookmark page will allow to bookmark a report, including filters and highlight over visuals, which can also be hidden. An important step to enable storytelling in Power BI (without using PowerPoint).

- An automation of the DAX parameter pattern will make it possible to enable What-If analysis without having to create esoteric models in Power BI.

- Browsing and importing custom visuals from the gallery will be possible in Power BI Desktop, without having to use a browser. This will simplify the use of custom visuals.

- The use of artificial intelligence in Power BI will introduce an “explain the increase” feature in Power BI, which will automatically try to “explain” the reason of a particular change in values, also providing a number of reports that will help you finding trends and outliers in your data.

- Using integration with Visio diagrams you will be able to embed diagrams in a specific custom visual, which will also include tools to map data over graphical elements.

- Finally, hosting Power App applications within a Power BI report will enable a real-time writeback scenario in Tabular.

• The Power BI Premium is now generally available, and there are new service levels for Power BI Embedded (see following news).

• Big changes for Power BI Embedded, which will be no longer an Azure service, and will be part of the Power BI Premium offer, starting at $625/month (price based on capacity, and not on number of users). There is already a migration path. From a technical point of view, there will be a single unified API, and this is good. From a licensing point of view, Power BI Embedded is no longer a compelling for scenarios with very low workload.