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If you are new to Power BI, Power Pivot, or Analysis Services Tabular, you want to move through the first steps with DAX relatively soon. Start today with our new FREE video course!

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Introducing Dot Plot

Line Charts and Column Charts are the most popular visuals available in Power BI. We use them extensively, but sometimes we use them wrong.
When you have nominal scales and want the y-axis of your chart starting from a value different from zero, which is the right visual to use?




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DKMinneapolis, MN
SSAS Tabular Workshop - Jun 19-20
Mastering DAX Workshop - Jun 21-23

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Mastering DAX Workshop - Jun 26-28
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What's happened in the last two weeks, with our comments:

• Power BI Security Whitepaper

Microsoft updated the Power BI Security Whitepaper. Mandatory reading if you have to explain where is your Power BI data.

• How to pass parameters to Power BI reports
Patrick LeBlanc published a step by step video teaching how to create dynamic Power BI reports using parameters in the query. Patrick is the only one who can talk about this stuff without boring you!

• Data privacy settings in Power BI and Power Query
Chris Webb wrote a two-parts (Part 1, Part 2) blog posts describing how the data privacy settings work, and how they could prevent query execution. If you ever struggled with these problems, this will be your life saver.

• Power BI Usage Metrics
You can get the usage metrics for dashboards and reports in Power BI, quickly finding the most used reports and more frequent users.

• VertiPaq Analyzer v1.8

We recently published a minor update of VertiPaq Analyzer that fixed a few bugs found in the last few weeks. Mandatory update if you don’t have a good reason to keep the older one!

• SSAS Auto-Partitioning
Christian Wade updated the Auto-Partitioning sample and whitepaper – now it supports 1400 models with M partitions and M expressions. Why writing a script when you can just configure this tool?

• How to pause Azure Analysis Services automatically

Azure Analysis Services can be expensive if you have a test or dev instance and you forget to pause it for days or more. Bill Anton describes how to pause Azure AS automatically, customizing an original script written by Rui Romano. A real money saver tool.