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Lookup multiple values in DAX

This article describes different techniques to retrieve multiple values from a lookup table in DAX, improving code readability and performance.




Introducing OKViz visuals BETA versions

Now that custom visuals are going to the Office Store, it is clear that every new release will require a longer review time (actually is 3-week long). So we introduced the ability to download not-yet-approved versions from OKViz website.

Here are some examples:

• Synoptic Panel v1.4.5 (gallery version is v1.4.4)
• Bullet Chart 2.1.2 (gallery version is v2.1.0)
• Card with States 1.3.2 (gallery version is v1.3.1)
• Sparkline 1.0.4 (gallery version is v1.0.2)
• Candlestick 1.0.1 (gallery version is v1.0.0)




New York and Los Angeles

Last chance to get the Early Bird offer in the coming workshops:

New York, NY
Apr 24-26 – Mastering DAX
Apr 27-28 – Optimizing DAX
Los Angeles, CA
May 1-2 – SSAS Tabular
May 3-5 – Mastering DAX



What's happened in the last two weeks, with our comments:

• Filter a report passing parameters in URL strings

Adam Saxton shows how to embed report filters in URL. Useful to integrate Power BI reports in your intranet.

• New Power BI Gateways
If you use the Power BI Gateway, make sure you have the latest version (March 2017). Stability release, great improvements in diagnostics.

• Power BI custom visuals in Office store
A step in the good direction, a long road ahead to fully exploit custom visuals in Power BI. Upgrade wave of OkViz components in the next few weeks.

• Using iterators to work around the lack of recursion in DAX
Brilliant example of how to rewrite a calculation removing recursion. Price to pay: readability and performance. We need recursion in DAX. One day.

• DAX Query Editor in SSMS 17 RC3
Five years after releasing Analysis Services Tabular, SSMS starts supporting DAX. Not ready for the prime time, but something is moving. DAX Studio is way better, by the way.

• Microsoft Data Insights Summit – June 11-13, 2017 / Seattle, WA
Second edition of the Microsoft event for Power BI and more. We will present one precon about data modeling and two sessions about DAX.