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DAX puzzle –

Last Date

The LASTDATE function in DAX retrieves the last date in the filter context. In this puzzle, you have to fix a wrong measure where LASTDATE is not working as expected.  Read more

DAX puzzle –

Unexpected filter behavior in CALCULATE

Filters in CALCULATE override previously existing filters on the column they use. For example, CALCULATE ( [Sales], Product[Color] = “Red” ) returns red sales, no matter what you filter in a pivot table. Nevertheless, this golden rule sometimes looks not…  Read more

DAX puzzle –

Group By Computed Columns

In any version of DAX, you can aggregate data by grouping one or more columns using SUMMARIZE and/or ADDCOLUMNS. In Excel 2016, Power BI Desktop, and Analysis Services 2016, you have a new version of DAX that we identify as…  Read more