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Parent-child special calculations in #BISM #Tabular #Denali

Alberto Ferrari published an interesting blog post regarding how to write particular calculations over a parent-child hierarchy in PowerPivot Denali (and in BISM Tabular, of course). One case is the Sum of Leaves (summing only the leaves of a parent-child  Read more

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Parent/Child Hierarchies in Tabular with Denali

Some time ago, I wrote a post about how to handle Parent/Child hierarchies in PowerPivot 1.0. It was pretty intricate, because P/C are not handled natively in PowerPivot. Now, with the advent of Denali, Microsoft gave us all the functions needed to handle  Read more

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First steps with #ssas #Tabular in #Denali #CTP3

The Analysis Services team just posted a blog entry with a few useful links to jumpstart your experience with Tabular project in Analysis Services “Denali”. In these early days I read several messages asking for clarification about the names and acronyms  Read more

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Videos available from SQLBits

We presented a few session at SQLBits and the video of these sessions are available. This is the list of sessions available from SQLBits 8 and SQLBits 9 – just click the link on the title and jump to the…  Read more